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lol比赛押注app and Uinta County is a growing region on the Wasatch Front with bountiful natural resources. These abundant assets include the majestic snowy Uinta mountains, abundant timber and water along 熊河, and the unique 熊河 State Park where you will find elk, 野牛, deer and many wildlife.  The heart and soul of the county is the town of lol比赛押注app which is a major stop along Interstate 80. With a strong and diverse economy, lol比赛押注app is a thriving destination for businesses and families. 

lol比赛押注app and Uinta County, part of the Wasatch Front, is made up of 8 cities; lol比赛押注app 熊河, 卡特, 布里杰堡, 孤独的树, 莱曼, Robertson and Mountain View. 县城, lol比赛押注app has many resources and modern accommodating amenities for business owners, 游客, and local residents. 

Low 生活费用

lol比赛押注app offers families the opportunity to live on the Wasatch Front, without the high price tag. 住房成本 只有84% of the national average with an average home price of $195,700. By comparison the average home in Salt Lake City costs $392,000. Uinta County offers access to the same amenities, while making it possible for families to save on housing costs. +, Wyoming has no personal or corporate income tax - creating an additional savings for local residents.

Gateway to 娱乐

Uinta County is the gateway to some of the most beloved national parks, 钓鱼, 狩猎, hiking and skiing in the entire United States. With 熊河 State Park offering immediate access to outdoor recreation, and more parks within an hour drive, residents can easily enjoy their favorite hobbies after work and on the weekends. 

A Cultural Surprise

lol比赛押注app’s culture may surprise you. This historic Western town is vibrant and modern while paying homage to its historic roots. Though small, the community is home to two museums and hosts regular cultural events. Performances are also staged in the newly renovated lol比赛押注app Cultural Center at The Strand Theater. When combined with live music and activities at the Roundhouse and Railyards, this family-friendly town is also a destination for those who love the West.


We invite you to spend time in lol比赛押注app and Uinta County to discover why this is truly the next frontier on the Wasatch Front.