Business Resources in Evanston

Wyoming businesses and Salt Lake City businesses are attracted to the support provided in Evanston, along with the availability of affordable commercial properties. Those searching for Wyoming commercial properties find that Evanston offers the best of both worlds – Wyoming affordability with Salt Lake City access. 

Evanston Business Growth 

Businesses in Evanston have had a 6.65 percent growth rate from 2016 to today.  Companies receive support and have the infrastructure set in place to continue to grow. The Evanston and Uinta County work hard to stay connected to all local assistance programs and are available to help with business relocation, new building development or small business real estate. Local incentive programs are available and the community benefits from having an Opportunity Zone. When working with Evanston and the Uinta County you will receive some of the following:

  • Site Selection Support
  • Finances are available to help with infrastructure 
  • Connection to local banks engineers and developers is of utmost importance
  • Liaison with the Wyoming Business Council and the resources they provide
  • Site grading, lot line adjustments, price negotiations and city funded utilities and road infrastructure for city and county owned properties
  • Permitting support
  • Access to revolving loan fund-Lincoln Uinta Revolving Loan Fund
  • MoFi Financing

Wyoming Business Resources

At the state level there are additional business resources that can help businesses to reach into new markets, train their workforce and grow. These include:

State SLIB Grants