Higher 教育

university of wyoming logoUinta County residents 和 employers have access to the higher education opportunities available within the county 和 surrounding area. As part of the Wasatch Front, Salt Lake City universities are also on h和 to provide ongoing education, while giving businesses a larger talent pool to hire from. 

The state is also served by the University of 怀俄明 offering a world-class education in the small community of 拉勒米, 怀俄明. Founded in 1886, the university welcomes more than 12,000 students from all 50 states 和 90 countries.

Several colleges 和 universities within a one hour drive, all preparing the future workforce with the skills 和 expertise needed to add value to lol比赛押注app’s thriving companies. Within 90 minutes there are additional universities.

Western 怀俄明 社区 College (WWCC) offers multiple fully online/outreach degree programs in things like business administration 和 management, communication, criminal justice, psychology, elementary 和 early childhood education 和更多的, including a business management fast track degree program that can be completed in 16 months. Students can also earn their bachelor’s degree in business management through Western 怀俄明 社区 College. All of these can be completed in lol比赛押注app with the flexibility afforded by online 和 outreach programs, which is key since many of our students are non-traditional learners – adults who continue to work while pursuing higher education. WWCC also offers a highly-rated nursing program. WWCC offers multiple certificate programs as well. 最后, WWCC is the most affordable college option in the state, is ranked as the #1 community college in the state, 和 怀俄明 was ranked third in the nation for higher education in 2018.

Uinta BOCES #1 offers adult education high school equivalency classes, test proctoring 和 partnerships with University of 怀俄明 和 Western Governors University for students working on degrees through their many distance education offerings, tutoring for higher education students, 和 workforce readiness training programs. Uinta BOCES #1 also offers multiple industrial safety training courses, including OSHA, 矿山, 数控, 和 PEC certification courses, as well as general safety, American Heart Association CPR 和 First Aid, courses on blood borne pathogens, 和更多的. They are also a testing center for local tradespeople who may need to renew their certifications in trades like construction, electrical, 管道, 和更多的, as well as for those seeking certification in things like Microsoft Office. Uinta BOCES #1 has also recently partnered with CareerStep to offer multiple healthcare field training programs online that also offer opportunities for remote work in growth fields.